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Try this idea. A deity, cast out in an ancient gods war, knows that he needs followers to guide and love. Wounded but humbled by his long exile and misery. Comes upon a world much like Homeline (it's a Q6 echo) in the late 1930's.

He stops for a time to rest and to study. he comes to enjoy the vitality of the USA and to admire FDR as a role model. By random chance, he finds a copy of Action Comics 1. He sees the similarity between himself and Clark Kent, and enjoys the idea of a "Superman" who serves the people rather than dominating them. Bit by bit he comes to see in the superhero comics a new mythology, not yet worked out. Superman is a solar hero protector god. Namor is a Shiva/Posieden-like chaos sea lord. Could this be a path to finding his place? Maybe mortals no longer needed gods to rule them, maybe democracies need protector guides.

If you have Stoddard's GURPS: Supers, blend the Archetype, with Renaissance Man, and several other templates depending on what type of deity you want him to be. The deity in this scenario now appears as a tall, slim-waisted, muscular, blue-eyed, brunette, i.e. the Hollywood ideal. Heck, it works for Clark, doesn't it? The local year is 1941, WWII looks a grim as it ever did, and suddenly, Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mussolini, and some of the key Japanese militarists are brought to Geneva, to face charges of aggression and warmongering by The Sentinel! Of course, everyone was let go, but the simple fact that the democracies now had a superhero on their side, sent ripples through the world.

Homeline is shocked, they didn't think supers were likely here. Centrum is ticked off, they were going to try to divert Homeline's attention by aiding the Nazis. The Cabal is intrigued, they know a god when they see one, and they wonder how to exploit him. Both Homeline and Centrum wonder if other supers are going to show up in this parallel. If so they'd make good recruits.

The situation on this Q6 parallel is messed up. The dictators are shocked and afraid, this new man puts them on the frontline. Their power is threatened. Churchill hopes he can reach this man because the Sentinel speaks with a Mid-Atlantic accent many people think he's British. Churchill hopes to gain a champion for England. A grandson of one of FDR's cabinet members recognized the whole business of taking the dictators to Geneva showed his father, and FDR assumes the Sentinel is either American or Canadian. He also wants to find out who this man is. He assumes he a little immature at best! People the world over are looking for the Sentinel. The Sentinel is looking at being worthwhile and useful for the first time in millennia. He has hope and wants to bring hope to the whole wide world.

Minor Notes: Churchill took time to score points with Stalin by getting him home. The Japanese leaders got American help. Japan might want to delay any attack on a nation that might have a superhero. FDR would still be trying to provoke a German incident in the Atlantic, but both Hitler and the Japanese militarists remember what it was like to be grabbed and pulled through the sky and around the wide world. They don't want a repeat.

The Sentinel as I imagine him is a peculiar type of Storm God. On the world he came from Spring is preceded by the most powerful storms of the year. The Sentinel (He calls himself John "Jack" Green in his secret identity) drives away the lords of winter and death. He is the Captain of the Thunder and Lightning, but he's also the Lord of the Crocus and the Anemone. He's both the protector of Spring and the handsome young bridegroom of the Earth Goddess. Jack is all about hope and second chances. He sees in the New Deal and in the ideal of Democracy a new spring for him. He wants to protect society and make it bloom in justice.
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