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Default Re: Concentrate vs. Concentrate Maneuver

Originally Posted by D10 View Post
Never said holding the missile requires concentration, just that casting a spell while you are holding it has a penalty attached to it.
Sorry, I should have clarified: You cannot cast other spells while holding missile spells. There is no penalty for concentrating on another spell whilst holding a missile spell. You just have to have already cast the other spell before the missile spell.

Some spells only require concentration in order to grow or move them, for example Windstorm.

You cast it and then concentrate for as long as it takes to get up to the size you want (1 turn per yard radius). Then it simply lasts (as long as you maintain it). If you want to move it you have to concentrate.

So you could, for example, cast Windstorm. Then whilst growing it, cast another spell. Or move it while casting another spell.

The perk from Thaumatology Magical Styles does not exist in DFRPG.

And yeah Dragondog, pretty sure 'concentrate maneuver' and 'concentrate' are the same thing, just one is spelling out that you have to use the maneuver, the other is not. And occasionally someone might be allowed to concentrate on multiple things (generally different spells or powers that are already active and one more that is being activated). There is generally no roll to concentrate on an active spell or power.

There is no 'lesser' concentrate, it's just spelling out that (probably) doing the 'lesser' while also concentrating on something else won't interrupt each other (baring a failed casting/activation roll).
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