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Default Re: Becoming a Cultist and Munchkin Cthulu

Originally Posted by DoomedDuck View Post
I'm assuming he's trying to become one by playing a card that says to become one? If yes, then you were correct. If he had a Cultist card in his hand then he could have played it and became a Cultist.
That is incorrect. In Munchkin Cthulhu, you are expected to discard Cultist cards into a separate pile so that when a card tells you to become a Cultist, you can take one from that special discard pile.

Regardless, what the OP said was that the player was trying to just take one from the special Cultist discard pile because he wanted to become a Cultist, not because he was using a card that told him to do so. In that case, the OP was correct that it can not be done.
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