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Default Re: Blunt Trauma and Skulls

Originally Posted by jacobmuller View Post
I'm treating the first 16 as Flexible and would treat the remaining 2 as rigid.

Would I let a 15pt attack do 3 points of BT?
Yes and No
innate DR stops Blunt Trauma Injury;
it doesn't. B378 because "Damage Resistance (DR) rates the degree of protection [snip] against damage." "Subtract DR from basic damage." B379: "injury due to blunt trauma [snip] is actual injury, not basic damage."

A character wearing leather and TL5 Chainmail (DR9/5*) is clubbed for 5 damage; 1 point of Blunt Trauma if it's his body or limbs. Would his Skull stop it?
Subtract the 2 rigid DR first. That leaves 13 against flexible. 2 points of Blunt Trauma.

Otherwise, if you subtract the 16 flexible DR first, and say that means 3 points of blunt trauma that the 2 points of rigid DR do not affect, you are not letting the rigid DR have any effect whatsoever. Conversely, if you say that the underlayer of rigid DR works against the blunt trauma from the flexible DR, you open the door to a tiny bit of rigid DR (1/5 of the amount of flexible) making it as though none of the DR were flexible. Neither choice is good.
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