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Default Re: "Monks" for GURPS

Originally Posted by LynGrey

Who needs to do all that.. just Punch a guy with a broadsword and don't worry about getting parried unless he "parry and retreats" If you are punching him, you are in close combat and his shield is a pentalty, and he can't even parry with the sword cause you're inside its reach.
In theory. In practice, he will step back out of close combat in order to parry -- and get to parry at +1, no less. In effect, moving in close presses him to use the parry with the greatest odds of success (i.e., parry + retreat), which is perhaps not good. Also, getting in close is tricky. If you use Move, he'll step back before he attacks and then retreat when you step back in. Step/retreat mobility in GURPS favors longer-reach weapons.

I think that Toadkiller_Dog's points are well-made, but I do feel that to adequately simulate a d20 monk -- both his ability to go toe-to-toe with weapons and his good AC -- it might be best to give the GURPS equivalent some sort of DR. How you game the DR is a judgment call. Lots of things could work. DR with Can't Wear Armor, -40% and Limited, Damage caused by striking, parrying, or being parried while unarmed, -40% seems fine. For 10 points, you could have DR 10 on the body part in use when somebody parries an unarmed attack, you miss an unarmed parry and somebody opts to chop whatever you struck with, or you slug an iron golem. Yet you'd have DR 0 vs. enemy attacks.
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