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Default Excel Character Sheet

Whenever I play an RPG, I prefer to have an electronic character sheet. That way, it's easy to change things without risking rubbing holes in the sheet.

When I started playing GURPS a couple of years ago, I decided that I could use a spreadsheet to calculate all the different formulas (Basic Speed, Basic Lift and so on) automatically. It started off as a pretty simple spreadsheet with four pages (front page, attributes, traits and skills), but over the months and years I've added new content, and it's become quite large. (Of course, a player doesn't have to use all the pages of it, just the ones that are relevant to them.)

At the beginning, I only used it for my own character, but the rest of my play group picked it up as well, seeing the benefit of skipping all the calculations that they otherwise would have to do manually. Most formulas in the GURPS books are pretty simple, but having to redo half of them just because you purchased another level of DX can be tedious.

I know that there exists a character assistant software application, but I like to tinker with things and customize them to suit my own needs, so I decided to make my own. It's developed in Excel (desktop version) and doesn't use macros, but some of the people I play with still have minor difficulties (like being unable to add new rows to tables) when using Excel online or non-Excel spreadsheet applications.

I lately convinced myself that it would be a good idea to upload the character sheet to the big Internet so that other people could reap the fruits of my labor too. Over the past few days, I've made some "final" tweaks to the character sheet, as well as writing a user manual.

In addition to the user manual and the character sheet itself, there is a text document where I log step by step how to upgrade from one version of the character sheet to the next. The log exists primarily for the players in my group who wish to have the newest version, but don't want to copy all their data from an older sheet to the newest one, when they could upgrade by themselves in less time. One of my players suggested that there are some people out there who like to read such things, so I decided to publish the change log as well. Be aware that my language settings in Excel use comma ( , ) as decimal separator and semicolon ( ; ) as parameter separator, so you may not be able to just copy-and-paste them.

I've put the documents in a public Google Drive folder: Character Sheet folder

If you see any bugs/errors, or if you have suggestions for changes or additions to the character sheet, please let me know. New versions of the character sheet will be published at irregular intervals.
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