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Default Re: Miniatures Set 2 Assembly Notes

I'll second (or is it third?) the fact that those little antennas on the MHWZ and the LT are a real PitA. I had one from an LT go zinging twice, got lucky and found it both times.

I've assembled one of each unique mini, they are all really nice. Note that the treads on the Fencer are gated such to allow you to face the sprue gates inboard for best appearance.

Can we get a canonical reply as to how the SHVY guns are to be placed? The gun parts are made in both left and right versions (the smaller co-located barrels). So do the small barrels both go outboard, or do they both go inboard? I seem to recall on the metal minis they both face to the right of the tank.

I'm really happy with all of them!

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