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Default Re: Miniatures Set 2 Assembly Notes

Originally Posted by offsides View Post
Mark IV:
Another straightforward build, especially since the secondaries are identical (unlike the Mk III and V). Although, the scaling feels a little off - the Mark IV is longer than the Mark V, and the secondary guns are noticeably bigger than the Set 1 Ogres even though the primary is the same size (and may even even the same sculpt as the Mk III). The tower is also shorter and stockier, but I can't say that's off given that each Ogre's tower is different. Plus the tread units are bigger, but that at least makes some sense due to the Mk IV's increased speed.
Thanks for the detailed review. I'm looking forward to expanding my OGRE collection into the new plastic and also doing some custom OGREs.

I always viewed the MARK4 as a later, larger version of the NINJA. They scaled the NINJA template up and added Long Range Secondary Batteries (Combines version of the NIHON SBs), Missile Racks and faster speed and the official one was the first gen prototype. This later version was designated SHINOBI. So this is fine by me.
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