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Default Re: Comments on 6-1 Rules

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson View Post
Things to worry about:
- Any actual typo still present, unless somebody has already pointed to it in this thread.
- 5.07.1
- 5.11.3
- 6.07.1 and .3
- The whole of Section 9. Train speed markers are now separate pieces.
- 13.0.12
Typos and Train later.

5.07.1 Looks fine to me. The first sentence is complex, but I don't see a simpler way to rewrite a conditional that complex. (I'd tend to go with something like "If a unit (1) ... (2) ... and (3) ..., then ...", but that isn't sufficiently better to be worth changing.)

5.11.3 Looks good. Seems quite clear.

6.07.1 The Superheavy rules are a bit complex, but I think it makes sense. When a Superheavy rams an Ogre, I think this happens:
* the Ogre loses 1d6 of treads,
* the Superheavy loses 5 treads (3 against a Mark I) [if it has treads under 13.07], and
* the Superheavy suffers a 1-1 attack [whether or not using 13.07].

I might drop the "also" from the first sentence of the exception.

6.07.3 I think this is much clearer than the Exception in 6.07.1. Given the redundancy, perhaps rewrite both as follows:

6.07.1 ... Exception: Superheavy (see 6.07.3).
6.07.3 Ramming by Superheavies. A Superheavy may ram any unit as an Ogre Mk. I. It suffers a 1-1 attack. If optional rule 13.07 is in use, it also loses treads as a Mk. I.
I haven't checked to see if the text in blue is going to create confusion about ramming buildings...

13.01.2 Seems clear to me.
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