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Default Re: [Combat]: Do you bow, bro?

Originally Posted by weby View Post
But you have to remember that 10 is really low skill, 12 is the skill that is seen as "basic professional" in GURPS, so could have 7- to hit and might be worth taking a shot just because he can thus try again at <70 for at 6-/8-
More importantly, greater skill with the bow increases effective range. A person with a skill 10, without aiming, has a 50/50 chance of hitting someone 2 yards away. Someone with skill 20, without aiming, has a 50/50 chance of hitting someone 100 yards away.

Swordsmanship skill does not generally increase effective range.

At skill 10, what you have is an average guy who spent a little time at the archery range vs a guy who spent a little time at fencing school, and the results will be a rather hilarious romp in the heath as the sword guy chases after the ineffective bow guy for awhile until they get tired and the bow guy falls over and the sword guy hits him a lot, or the sword guy gets tired and gives up.

At skill 20, you have an elite sniper vs a masterful swordsman (who will probably die, unless he has parry missile weapon, in which case all bets are off)
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