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Default Re: Question about... { Shields as Advantages }

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
... so "absence of a GM ruling" is rather meaningless.
Different GMs may have different approaches. I am talking about what the rules provide.

... if I feel your description adds an extra Advantage, you will need to account for that in the Gadget's statistics. If I feel it adds capacities that are below the resolution of what I want you to pay for on that Character, I won't care.

And I don't think other GMs should care either, which Is why I'm in here argue that side of it.
Hence why I said that the GM might let it slide.
The build under discussion here either enables (says you as GM) or doesn't enable (says me) a character to do something the rules say cannot be done without at least one of two specific objects, a cloak or a shield. But the build doesn't provide either object, and that's what I'm pointing out.

What are the items descriptions?

And what are their SM and Breakability Limitations?
I gave all the applicable stats; they are unbreakable. You appear to be suggesting that without adding any more game stats one of those builds lets you do a Block while another one doesn't. As a GM you can say that for your game, but the rules don't.

Consider another example: A character whose racial template includes Blind [-50]. Just taking Acute Senses (Vision) [2] doesn't mean they can now see, and adding a gadget limitation to that doesn't in and of itself let them declare the gadget is a working set of bionic eyes.

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