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Default Re: Question about... { Shields as Advantages }

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post
12In the absence of a GM ruling...
There it is, that's the meaningless part.

I've never been entranced with the "Death of the GM" side in the "Rules vs GM" debate. You aren't going to be playing a Character in one of my games until I've ruled on it, so "absence of a GM ruling" is rather meaningless.

...putting gadget modifiers on an Advantage doesn't somehow make that advantage into a particular thing that grants extraneous in-game capabilities.
Of course not. That would be in the description of the Gadget. And as a GM if I feel your description adds an extra Advantage, you will need to account for that in the Gadget's statistics. If I feel it adds capacities that are below the resolution of what I want you to pay for on that Character, I won't care.

And I don't think other GMs should care either, which Is why I'm in here argue that side of it.

If possessing "the largest diamond in the world and worth half-a-billion dollars" will bring your Character some extra abilities, then they must be paid for. If it's only going to bring you trouble (from thieves), then it wouldn't require additional statistics. I'm always okay with PCs taking Disads for free (however I would mention to them that it might be a bit less expensive if high profile thieves are always after it, and they would be, and thus they might want to consider taking Disads X, Y, or Z on that Gadget).

Compare two builds:

1. Enhanced Defense (Block) (5) (Modifier: Can be Stolen (Contest of ST) -30%) [4]

2. Enhanced Defense (Block) (5) (Modifier: Can be Stolen (Contest of ST) -30%) [4]

Which one of those items is a shield (which would make a Block possible), and which one other is a feather (which means you would not get a Block)
What are the items descriptions?

And what are their SM and Breakability Limitations?
Feel free to steal, borrow, fold, spindle, mutilate any rule, advantage, etc I come up with it.

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