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Default Re: Question about... { Shields as Advantages }

Originally Posted by Donny Brook View Post

In the absence of a GM ruling, putting gadget modifiers on an Advantage doesn't somehow make that advantage into a particular thing that grants extraneous in-game capabilities. You can't just say "I have a magic gem that grants Infravision but also btw it's the largest diamond in the world and worth half-a-billion dollars."
The Hybrid Equipment box on Supers p.74. gives a relavant example, though its not a shield.
Now the Shield box on p. 78 counts DB as the full set of Enhanced Defenses not free.

So IMO it could go either way, pay points or no DB or purchase a shield with cash and use its natural DB plus whatever powers are added.
I think most players would object to the latter since it means their characters have to pay points a mundane can get for mere money.
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