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Default Re: Question about... { Shields as Advantages }

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Because your points were meaningless and not backed up.
Meaningless? I'm pretty sure my grammar was sound, and quite certain the words used are all fairly well known. Perhaps the deficit is at your end. I don't now what kind of back up you think would be required.

Sure you could. If you and the GM agree that your Gadget was a grand piano that granted Flight.

Or rather since you assert that this is not possible somehow, perhaps you'd like to explain why you couldn't?
I quite clearly said the GM could let it slide, so I return to the impression that you did not pay any actual attention to the points I wrote.

In the absence of a GM ruling, putting gadget modifiers on an Advantage doesn't somehow make that advantage into a particular thing that grants extraneous in-game capabilities. You can't just say "I have a magic gem that grants Infravision but also btw it's the largest diamond in the world and worth half-a-billion dollars."

In this case, look at what Enhanced Defenses (Block) says:

"Enhanced Block: You have +1 to
your Block score with either Cloak or
Shield skill. You must specialize in
one particular Block defense. 5 points."

It doesn't say you get to have a Block manouever without having a Cloak or Shield.

Compare two builds:

1. Enhanced Defense (Block) (5) (Modifier: Can be Stolen (Contest of ST) -30%) [4]

2. Enhanced Defense (Block) (5) (Modifier: Can be Stolen (Contest of ST) -30%) [4]

Which one of those items is a shield (which would make a Block possible), and which one other is a feather (which means you would not get a Block)?

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