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Default Re: Question about... { Shields as Advantages }

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Sure, as I point out in my example, that's just Breakable, -0%. I always define Breakable in a Gadget even if the Gadget is literally meant to completely and totally unbreakable (however in the "completely invulnerable" case I'd also require some other Advantages to actually make the item unbreakable).
There's no upper cap on the DR for -0% but no matter how much DR you give it (ten trillion?), it could be damaged by an "ignores DR" attack so you'd still have to define some HP for it and have niche situations where it could be wrecked.

You could afflict some Hardened and/or Cosmic DR to strengthen your gear but the original DR couldn't benefit unless GM allows you to afflict enhancements onto existing advantages, which sounds fine.
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