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Default Re: Digital eBook reader devices...

I just want to say that even though this may look off-topic, I think that discussions about e-book-reading devices are very pertinent to this forum, and I hope the moderators will continue to let such threads live and thrive.

Personally, I have not yet heard of any device that I believe able to satisfactorily display a whole-page A4- or Letter-sized document.

I'd like to get myself an ebook-reader some day, and also a laptop or other portable computer (I hear vague rumours about this thing called fresh air, and I kinda want to see what it is like, eventually), and so I've pretty much made up my mind to go for an expensive middle-ground solution of a netbook PC, a sort of miniature laptop computer.

Not ideal, though, so even after I've bought such a thing, I'll remain very interested in a lightweight device that can display table-heavy RPG documents in a readable fashion without needing to zoom in.
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