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Default Re: Help creating life-draining touch ability?

Originally Posted by Talonos View Post
One of my players would like to have a specific sort of life-draining touch for his character, and I'm having a hard time trying to model it. Perhaps I could have some help?

He wants to be able to touch people and drain their life force (likely an innate attack dealing toxic damage.) He could then use the life he drained to heal others. (Healing advantage?) He wants to have a pool of energy that carries over, where every time he drains life, it is added to the pool, to a max of some number. When he heals, he subtracts from that pool. As GM, I also want to say he can only heal people of the same race he drained life from. (No going to the pet store and draining puppies to refill his pool.) He cannot heal people using FP, but he can drain his own life using his innate attack and heal people with it.

How would this best be represented?
Leech + Energy Reserve + Healing

Edit: More specifically

Leech 1 (Accelerated Healing, +25%; Heals ER, +30%) [38.75 + 6.22/level]

Healing (Only FP from Energy Reserve, -5%) [29]

Energy Reserve (Special Recharge, Leech, -70%; Only to power Healing ability, -20%) [0.6/level]

I would figure a ER of 4 would do it bring the ability set up to a nice even 70 points

As for the one race only, that would cause extra bookkeeping on your part (no you have 3 FP you drained from a bird-monster so only bird monsters can be healed, so your fellow PC dies). If your serious about it though I would use a accessibility modifier of about -30%. The later would be just flavor text, he's absorbing his own HP to fuel his ER, 0-point feature at best.

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