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Originally Posted by Irish Wolf View Post
Robot-on-robot violence? Not a problem by the Asimovian Laws of Robotics.
Indeed, the 2nd and 3rd laws guarantee it, given the proper order. Which means Promobot actually ordered their machine to attack the Tesla, probably hoping to make it look bad for the conference. Elon Musk is an innocent victim of the propaganda ploy.

1st could also cause the confrontation, as the Promobot selflessly throws itself into the path of the Tesla to save an innocent child from being run over by the inattentive Tesla. You'd think that Tesla would have been compelled to avoid the accident by its own First Law -- which can only mean that Teslas are being somehow manufactured with a weakened or removed First Law, for what end we cannot know. Either way, it looks bad for Elon Musk.
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