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Default Re: What would Pyramid Volume 4 look like?

Originally Posted by rkbrown419 View Post
As said this is basically how the second iteration of Pyramid worked. It does, however, give me an idea. A site anyone can contribute articles to. SJG has a moderator for quality and to prevent plagiarism or other inappropriate content. Content is free for anyone to read. SJG sells add space to make money. Contributors aren't payed but when they sign up to contribute they set up a tip jar that goes to their Paypal or bank account. Readers can tip authors of articles they like voluntarily If SJG can't make enough to cover costs from add revenue they could take a percentage of tips too.
I dont know about it, I suspect too much internal costs from having to edit and monitor it. On the other hand several bloggers already put up their own content free of charge so at least some might be willing to jump on it.
Also it might work as an effective test bed for new authors and content.
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