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Default Re: What would Pyramid Volume 4 look like?

Originally Posted by DerfmeisterP View Post

Rolling kickstarter-esque approach with final issues content based voting with your filthy lucre?

What gets published is what people want enough that it'll break even (at least). With a long enough hang-time on it, even the less popular content could get published when enough support is gathered.....
The problem with such an approach is that although those of us paid to develop games are to some extent hacks, that's mostly to a lesser extent. Writer inspiration decides the majority of what's written for RPGs, because the money just isn't good enough to set aside personal preferences for pay. Even a Kickstarter that's fantastically successful by games-industry standards pays too poorly to encourage good writing about a topic no available writer finds interesting. I don't see crowdfunding changing the fact that games writing is author-driven – not publisher-driven (I'd estimate that our "wish lists" account for fewer than 20% of what we publish) and not customer-driven (people demanding something and waving money won't make it so, because writing is creative work, not manufacturing).
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