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Default New talents and complexity.

Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
Not just unnecessary, but actively problematic for some of us. One of the appeals of TFT is that it's rules medium-light (say, 2 of 0-5 level of complexity). Increasing the complexity would be an active deterrent to continued play and further purchases. ...
Hi ak_aramis, everyone.
I agree with you, but adding a few more talents and spells does not actually increase the rule complexity significantly.

Let me give an example, for the last year or so I've been thinking that the Defend option is underpowered, especially against high DX figures. I've been playing around with new rules to beef it up. (Some of those suggestions are on this forum.)

But let us say that there is a hard to get talent that improves defending. (Expert Defender, which makes people roll an extra die to attack you and if they miss by more than 5, you get a free counter attack, for example.) The basic rules stay lean and fast to play. But once in a rare while, someone with this talent gets a bonus.

This allows great heroes to be distinguished from OK ones, makes better defence based on the skill of the defender, and keeps the base rules clean and fast. Note that new GM's and players are not troubled by these, because they are not something that comes up with new characters.

A second example: if someone tries to jump you in HTH, you make a one die 'HTH Defence' roll. 2/3 of the time you go down in HTH. This is totally random, you can not effect the chance of keeping people out (or going into HTH), no matter how skilled you are. Let us say, that you can learn a talent (Judo) that gives you a +1 or -1 adjustment to this roll anytime you enter, or try to prevent someone from going into HTH with you. Now, if a PC says, "Ugh, it is just random! Dumb roll!", you can reply, "No it is not totally random. This talent will allow you to adjust that roll. You just need the right skill."

I think that adding some talents is a good way to increase the depth of TFT in a very rules light way.

Warm regards, Rick.
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