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Default Re: Mk 12 SPR Accuracy

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Are there any posters with experience shooting accurised AR15/M16-type rifles?

Should the Mk 12 SPR rate Fine (Accurate)?

On one hand, delivering accurate aimed fire at engagement ranges greater than an unmodified M16-type was a design goal and the weapon has by all accounts been well received in this role.

On the other hand, there are clearly more accurate precision rifles built on the AR15 platform. Of course, those could be said to be Very Fine (Accurate), but still, if we give the Mk 12 SPR Acc 6, it's functionally equal to real sniper rifles in GURPS terms.
I have shot couple of accurised AR15 type rifles and found the accuracy to be very much dependent of having the correct ammo, the extra accuracy is definitely not seen with cheap ammo. Further a normal good quality heavy barrel AR15 type rifle is already much more accurate than a normal run of the mill AR15. And the low granularity of the Accuracy system does not make such determinations easy.

I have not shot a Mk 12 SPR, but from what I have read about it, a lot of the extra accuracy comes from the special ammo combined with rifle long barrel. Also it should be noted that the fact that it is more accurate is mostly seen against M4 carbines that have only acc 4.

So my semi-informed guess would make the MK 12 normal (not fine accurate), but acc 5 because of the fairly long barrel, but would make the special ammo to be match ammo. Thus giving the combination accuracy 6 with that ammo, but less if shooting normal ammo.
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