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Default Re: Being self aware of mental disadvantages

Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
Because a disadvantage that is not an actual disadvantage is tautologically speaking, not a disadvantage.

But if one always checks ands succeed the roll, then one is never 'forced into an awkward spot' no is one?
Are you currently allowing a CR of 19 or something? Unless I'm mistaken a CR of 15 comes up exactly the same number of times for you as it does for me, about 4.6% of the time, and that's the the absolute highest you can take it. Otherwise what you are really doing is taking a lower CR number without getting the points to make up for it. Disadvantages are inconvenient, and should generally be avoided. If you avoid it less than someone else, you are entitled to more points for it. I'm choosing to base the default appearance rate off of the CR and modify it from there.

An interesting idea is to require a player to always role a CR, even if they don't plan on resisting. When they succeed, it's clear to them (maybe not everyone around them) that they have the choice to do something else. This ensures that everyone is getting the same forced game play out of their disadvantage. It also allows anyone who wishes to play it to the hilt because that's their characters personality (but NOT their disadvantage) to do so.

And GURPS has always been, well... a set of guidelines more so than actual rules.
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