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Default Re: Being self aware of mental disadvantages

Originally Posted by VariousRen View Post
Why require him to buy it off?
Because a disadvantage that is not an actual disadvantage is tautologically speaking, not a disadvantage.

And thus, as far as I'm concerned, worth 0 character points.

Having the game mechanics force you into an awkward spot and then getting yourself out can be great source of conflict and fun.
Of course. But if one always checks ands succeed the roll, then one is never 'forced into an awkward spot' no is one?

That's what I'm talking about. Disads that become pure 'RP Spotlighting', there is no (or at worst minimal) risk to the character.

It seems to me like the disadvantage you are talking about is actually a separate one.
No it isn't:

Originally Posted by Base Set Characters, pg 121
You never have to try a self-control roll you can always give in willingly, and it is good roleplaying to do so.

Mark the recovered cat-burglar (Klepto, CR 15) might swipe an ash tray every few weeks, but at least he brings them back in the morning with a note and a fiver.
That version is a Quirk and is worth 1 point.

Even if caught swiping the ashtray (unless it's an expensive ashtray) the worst he'll face is banned from the restaurant. He faces no serious risk from his behavior.

If he also faces the rsik of "Will swipe expensive stuff in high-end retail shops", then yes it's a disadvantage. If however he always chooses to roll the Control check and always succeeds in the 'high risk' shops... eventually I'll want the Player to buy the disad down to quirk level. If the only risk he wants the character to be facing is minimal, the only points it's worth are minimal.
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