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But ex-street thief guy with Kleptomania (CR:15)? If they always roll, then yes eventually they need to buy it off. Eventually.
Why require him to buy it off? Perhaps his character is fated to rail against his true nature the rest of his life, simultaneously proving the existence of fate and free will. On a player level, a player might like the juxtaposition of impulse and intention and the constant battle to remain "on the straight and narrow" despite everything he learned. Having the game mechanics force you into an awkward spot and then getting yourself out can be great source of conflict and fun. Without the game mechanics, you're just stealing the spotlight and saying "It's what my guy would have done".

It seems to me like the disadvantage you are talking about is actually a separate one. Basing it off of a OPH actually seems like a good place to start. OPH(I only need to hold my self back when it's life or death), or some variation of that that captures the idea that you only resist in very obviously dangerous/unbeneficial situations. The reaction penalty would fit very well for role playing as well as people get fed up with you not even trying to stop yourself.

For example:

Mark the recovered cat-burglar (Klepto, CR 15) might swipe an ash tray every few weeks, but at least he brings them back in the morning with a note and a fiver. Rick (Klepto, CR 15, OPH 3) comes in here every single night and grabs anything he can fit under his coat, and then calls the cops on us for refusing to serve him!
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