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Default Re: [Powers] Supernatural "Omnisight"

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
Vibration sense has some other disadvantages over vision. Page 96 in the basic set has rules for how to detect things with vibration sense. Significantly, there is no mention of the huge +10 "in plain sight" modifier you can get for vision rolls.

The same page also mentions that using vibration sense when attacking can give you penalties.
Both are Basic, Intermediate Range, Precise (meaning you can use them to fight),
Vibration Sense: 360 degree

Vision: 120 degree, Discriminatory

Vibration needs to add Discriminatory to match vision quality. Can't find the modifier in Enhanced Senses so it might be in Powers. Wish the book had a table for modifiers be handier to reference quickly.
Profiling, +50% would be good. Might be Discriminatory, its late and I have people distracting me.
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