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Default Re: Translating the concept of HP from D&D (and the like) to GURPS

Originally Posted by Thamior View Post
Hello, guys and gals! :) I always had this problem of translating... let me call it "a progression of survivability alongside character advancement" from systems like D&D and many CRPGS (including even Fallout, which was prototypically based off GURPS in many ways, as you well know) to GURPS. At its core GURPS is very realistic and not quite "gamey" enough in this respect. You progress but stay more or less as "squishy" as you were when just starting out as an adventurer.
Yeah, I know that there are cinematic rule options in GURPS. Quite a few (maybe some I'm not aware of due to sheer volume of GURPS official material). Thing is I have trouble making them into a cohesive whole which would be satisfiable for me.
I suppose that many of you have concerned yourself with something similar and have your own solution to the problem. This can be a combination of existing rules, or your own or somebody else's house rules that you use. Best practices, so to speak. Maybe there are popular threads on this forum about this topic on the forum, which I missed.
Would be grateful for any and all your input and suggestions. Cheers! :)
One thing to look at is what D&D HP represents in terms of GURPS and for that the older versions are slightly more help then the newer ones. "Thus, the majority of hit paints are symbolic of combat skill, luck (bestowed by supernatural powers), and magical forces" (PHB1 pg 34)

Heck, the PHB1 flat out stated just how absurd viewing HP as actual physical damage was: "Let us suppose that a 10th level fighter has 55 hit points, plus a bonus of 30 hit points for his constitution, for a total of 85 hit points. This IS the equivalent of about 18 hit dice for creatures, about what it would take to kill four huge warhorses. It is ridiculous to assume that even a fantastic fighter can take that much punishment. The some holds true to a lesser extent for clerics, thieves, and the other classes."

Murphy's Rules had several jokes that all revolved around the misconception that HP did represent physical damage.

This is why the D&D to GURPS page over on GURPS wiki is so vague on exactly what D&D HP equate to

I should point out that Cinematic Advantages can exist in the realistic rule set.
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