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Default Re: Creating "nukes" with the Blast spell?

Originally Posted by tomc View Post
I would, however, have taken great glee in applying harsh penalties to anyone who rolled an automatic failure when making such an adventure squashing device as a 12 die blast arrow. Especially if, as GM, I had invested a lot of time and effort in the adventure. :)
You and me both! The GM that day had on another day, as a player, completely derailed a very detailed and labor-intensive scenario I'd put together when I was GM. In that case it was a 10 dice lightning bolt that foiled all my well thought out plans. I took great satisfaction in charging him negative XP for that because in the process he accidentally killed all the innocent NPCs he was supposed to be saving -- LOL!

The day I blew up his Roc was just a time killer. The rest of the group couldn't make it for our regular game day, and he said come on over anyway and bring your favorite wizard, I have a suicide mission for him (oh, how nice). All he had to do to get ready was draw the giant Roc counter and assign its attributes. He gave it ST 100.

I fried the bird in one melee turn, and then we played chess the rest of the day :) Good times indeed.
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