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Default Re: Creating "nukes" with the Blast spell?

Originally Posted by Steve Plambeck View Post
Does the adjacent hex damage caused by a 12 ST or 24 ST Blast Trap spell count for every hex of a multi-hex creature (or multi-hex target of any kind such as a 3 hex wall) that's in the blast's range???

Say a 3 hex Giant steps on a gem with a 12 ST Blast Trap spell on it, set to go off when anyone but the wizard who created it steps on or touches it. This size Blast Trap spell does 2d6+2 damage to anything in the hex where it's touched, but it also does 2d6 damage to anything in each of the adjacent hexes.

The Giant takes the 2 dice +2 damage in the hex he steps on the gem, that much is for sure.

But would you charge the other 2 dice damage to the Giant for each of it's other two hexes? After all, those body parts are in adjacent hexes to the one taking the 2+2 damage.

If so, then in the case of a 3-hex Giant it would take 6+2 damage. A 4-hex Dragon would also take 6+2, with one of its 4 hexes unaffected (not that that would make any difference).

How would/have you played it?
I would not give the adjacent hex damage to multihex creatures. Consider: for a 24ST Balst Trap, a 1-hex figure in the blast hex will take 3d damage, and a multihex creature with 2 of its hexes adjacent to the blast hex will take more damage than the unfortunate figure at ground zero. I don't think that explosions work that way. And, if you are a multihex figure who has one of your hexes at ground zero, the part of your body in that hex should absorb the energy of the blast--which is why damage is given at the full 3d.
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