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Default Re: The 2019 Digital W23 Speculation and Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Peter Del'Orto

(from the stone, I believe it means)
Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
On my copy of Low-Tech it's "Dell'Orto."
Peter V. Dell'Orto is what I copied from an old Pyramid article, and what I put in the rumor files. Which is where it matters most. I think Ill use Peter in threads so as to avoid annoying him or causing an issue. I however am used to people misspelling my name and it only bothers me when it gets in the way. Like extending my wait time at the VA :(

Peters clues make me think it might be an adventure.
Seems like at the end of the year we will have enough of those to kill another meme.
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