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Re-Enterprised: A star trek game set during the time of the Enterprise series...except at actual GURPS TL 9. They use lasers, bullets and nuclear weapons. They have no transporters or universal translators. And at least at first their mission will be trying to convince the largely autonomous Earth colonies to "federate" with Earth, now that Earth has fast enough starships to field an interstellar fleet. Set against the actual star map of the closest 50 light years to Sol.

School for the Gifted: The characters are adolescents who have superpowers and have been sent by their loving parents to a school that will teach them how to use them to be heros...allegedly. However they learn the hard way that their teachers seem to think that those of lesser power should always defer to the greater and the only protection against bullying is to grow stronger, or serve those who will protect them. They are actually at a school for supervillains, and are being trained to one day be part of an army that will unite the world under the rule of the "superior"...

Janissaries: The characters were abducted as children from their native world and sold to an interstellar empire because their species is known for their ability to gain super-powers under the right kind of stimulus. Now they serve as the slave-soldiers of the imperial crown, defending the empire from it's foes...until the day they stumble across the coordinates of the hidden world they came from.
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