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The Stuff Heroes Are Maid Of: In a dark city a rich man works out his childhood traumas by wearing a costume to go out and thump bad guys. You are his faithful household staff, who apart from cleaning and maintaining the house, operate behind the scenes to smuggle equipment into caves, do the actual investigative work, and make sure he doesn't get too far over his head all without ever embarrassing him by letting him know you know his hobby.
On my list of things to run someday is a campaign inspired by the movie Fitzwilly. The staff of the rich old lady have been keeping a secret from her for years. She is broke and has been since her father died. So they steal to keep up appearances.

I'm working on a Stargate 1929 campaign where the PCs work for the expedition that discovered the gate only they also find the DHD device to use it then. Pulp heros vs the goa'uld.

I also want to run some kind of Robinsonade but need to develop lots of rules on building up tech level.

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