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Default Sorcery SpellPower - Rumor Message

Thanks to everyone who answered the Crop Failure thread!

Rumor Message
By singing a special song the sorcerer can use animals in the surroundings to transmit a message. It doesn't matter what kind of animal hears the message – everyone is influenced by this and will try to pass the message along. The animal or animals who hear the song (are within range) won't change their travel plans to get the message to the recipient, they will only pass along the message to an animal they meet if the other animal is heading in the right general direction. This means that there is no limit for how long it takes for the message to reach the recipient. If the sorcerer is lucky it takes a short time, if the sorcerer is unlucky it can take a very, very long time. The animal can also pass the message along to intelligent beings, who hear the sorcerers words within. However, intelligent creatures get to choose whether they want to pass the message along. How long it takes for the message to reach the recipient is up to the GM, but 1d days per 5 miles seems reasonable.
In the basic form, the sorcerer can affect one creature within a 100 yards, the message can contain a maximum of 3 words and the message can't travel more than 5 miles.
I'm thinking of inventing a new Telecommunication advantage, probably worth no more than 5 points. Any other solutions?

And there are more than a 100 spells to go - should I make a special thread for this?
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