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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

I'm playing some wizards now, and here are the bugs I found:
  • Trying to disbelieve an illusion it said I was using adjDX to disbelieve.
  • When pole weapons (charge) attack first in the round, It would be good to have a feedback to let people know. Otherwise it looks strange when a lower dex figure attacks before a higher dex.
  • The buttons for deciding actions can't be undone, and when there are a lot e.g. for a wizard with several spells, a fat finger is unforgiving. I once found I tried to summon a myrmidon rather than create an illusion of a bear, which at first I thought was a bug. Perhaps a confirmation step could be introduced when picking an action?
  • At 80, there are lots of odd things with created/summoned creatures. Once a bear was created and I chose to attack it. The combat log said it was engaged, yet when my turn to attack came, "Your enemy is not adjacent, so your attack doesn't take place," only to next be attacked by the bear. when this happened, the wizard was also summoning another animal. Perhaps the attack when you register it in the action points to a different object when the action comes up (if you're using a list of creatures with an index).
  • During the same encounter, the app crashed with a "Runtime: 8608#Uncaught TypeError: theString.substring is not a function" Alert.
  • Choosing a staff for a weapon was not intuitive. It's not on the weapon list (even though it appears in a weapon slot), and the spell is listed under Arcane at the bottom of the list. It would be cool to me if when a wizard type is chosen in the editor, a staff spell is listed by default.
Keep up the great work!

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