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Default Re: Another cheat and ship enhancer question?

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan View Post
However, the Ship Enhancer is attached thus: If the Ship goes, the Enhancer goes. However, one can normally detach a Ship Enhancer in order to discard it (not trade, not move to another Ship, but a discard) in order to sell it, or for Curses/Bad Stuff which say you must discard Items or cards.
Wow, is that a new change? I thought we couldn't detach Enhancers for any reason. You said so here (albeit in it 2008, so you could have changed your mind). I'm fairly sure there's other, more recent rulings from both you and Andrew saying the opposite of this too. Plus, what's the point of a Ship Enhancer adding its value to the Ship it's attached to (from the Booty Rules) if you can just go and sell the Ship Enhancer?
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