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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
A bit fiddly yes, and punishes those who have DR to prevent injury, which would prevent the AP loss.

Instead of the AP loss from HP loss (injury) I think just the "damage is deceleration" from grappling (1:1) except that might be a bit excessive...
I think I agree with those.

Another might be simply to calculate knockback and consider each yard of knockback to be 1 y/s deceleration?
Maybe. does it make sense that kicking a guy in full plate slows his speed without tiring him or giving him pause?

Evasion should totally reduce someone's maximum speed somehow... in GURPS terms the 1 Movement Point you would spend auto-evading allies should apply here, which could result in reducing how many yards you moved that turn, which should probably count as the new momentum you'd have to accelerate from.
Yep. I feel like it could be stated more clearly and cleanly. Perhaps evading, whether through friend or foe, reduces movement by at least 1 yard, possibly up to a full 1 AP of acceleration change, and costs 1 AP?

Someone who doesn't sacrifice that Movement Point (and that Action Point) would instead be at some risk of a collision...

Basically this is sort of a "running into a door is free" ... to distinguish between "I ran into an invisible door I didn't see, and thus did not choose an attack maneuver for" vs "I saw a door and intentionally shoulder-tackled it".

The latter should be more damaging to the door, a reward for an intentional attack, but the former should still be capable of SOME damage.

There's little gap (aside from AOA:Strong) I can see between colllision rules and slam rules to account for this though...
Maybe we should just reverse the AOA:Strong bonus into a penalty for "Accidental" collisions. Instead of +2 or +1/die its -2 or -1/per die?

I'm wondering if maybe we borrow the thrust-based slam rules from Dungeon Fantasy and apply some basic penalty to maie it inferior to defensive attack Slams?
Is there a page reference for this?
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