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Originally Posted by oldwolf View Post
Lastly, lasso is one of those weapons that must be used with aimed shots.
Good spot -- RAW are confusing here.

p120. "Bola and Lasso. Attacks are of necessity “aimed.” See the description of those weapons."

OK, let's do. The description of lasso p113 describes what happens if you go for neck, arm, or body. But no reference is made there to a DX penalty. (Although under a Bola, a -4 DX penalty for head shots IS noted.)

The -6 DX penalty for the head, which you note, is described under Dagger, Sha-Ken, Whip (p 120); and a different result also with -6 DX penalty for head under Other Weapons (ie all weapons except lasso, bola, dagger, sha-ken, and whip, p 121).

Is it correct that Lasso is therefore the only weapon in the game with no DX penalty for head (or in this case, neck) attack? It seems to be....

Furthermore, for me, the most outrageous thing about the lasso, by far, is that a body attack knocks the target down, no save possible. Ignoring how a lasso can possibly do this, it is extremely unbalanced game-wise (consider a team with one charging pole attacker for each lassoing cowboy). And, even if we were to go against RAW and try to use the same DX penalties for lasso as for aimed shots with Other Weapons, all normal attacks are to the body anyway, no DX penalty.

But while I disagree that RAW lasso is a weak weapon, to come back to your point, the best way to do in the lasso is to disallow aimed shots. Then lassos (and bolas) vanish from the list of allowed weapons.
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