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Default Re: Conversation Rate of G$ To Real World Dollars

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Because a reaction penalty of 1 is Not That Big A Deal. I mean, from a point balance perspective it's worth somewhere in the range [-3] to [-5] depending on how broadly you think it applies, and thus should be offset by 3-5 levels of Independent Income.
There you go again trying to turn character traits into a Economic System. GURPS money has no existence except while the character possesses it. There's no need to balance this or offset that, because there's no actual value behind those traits to balance or offset. All that matters is whether the character's situation reflects, as well as a generic setting can accommodate, the character's Wealth, Status, job, Independent Income, Debt, cost of living, and any other profits and losses incurred by the character. My little example in my previous post showed a situation that does, in fact, work.

As for a reaction penalty of -1, that's only one thing that happens. I mentioned some others. In addition to the reaction penalty, the Basic Set addresses this: "Living below your Status saves you money, but has negative repercussions. Depending on the level you drop to, these might include unpaid servants quitting, threats from your landlord, malnutrition, eviction, or anything else the GM feels appropriate." That sounds like a Big Deal to me.
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