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Default Re: Conversation Rate of G$ To Real World Dollars

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Because a reaction penalty of 1 is Not That Big A Deal. I mean, from a point balance perspective it's worth somewhere in the range [-3] to [-5] depending on how broadly you think it applies, and thus should be offset by 3-5 levels of Independent Income. At TL 8, that would be $600-$1,000, so the $300 difference is clearly not worth it. At TL 3, that would be $30-50, so $300 is a huge deal.
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I'm a TL3, Status 0, Average Wealth freeman. I work as a skilled laborer in a small craft guild. Assuming my job pays average, I earn $700 a month. Those are GURPS Bucks, not dollars. If I live at Status 0, I probably rent a small apartment in town and might employ a servant or two or family members. It costs me $600 a month. I net $100 a month.
The normal flow for a low tech status 0 is that a young adult male will either be married and supporting a family, or will be saving up so he can do so. This requires the cost of living for a single person to be not more than about 50% of gross income.
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