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Default Secrecy and Intelligence Talents

Originally Posted by Jim Kane View Post
Could a substitute label for the talent of: INTERROGATION, work the same way, *and* side-step all the delicate issues related to TORTURE?

... perhaps with a line of copy stating: "... specifics of Methods and Techniques of Interrogation being left to player and GM ingenuity and taste.".

And what would we balance that talent out with to determine how well a character can hold-up under and resist Torture... I mean *nondescript INTERROGATION techniques*?

IIRC, I think TSR's TOP SECRET RPG *may* have dealt with this issue the same way... not sure.
Countering is a good point, I only mentioned 3/M earlier which is only attribute-based. Here are some ideas, offensive and defensive. I think these should be trained talents -- smart but untrained people would most likely make extremely clumsy attempts at these, i.e. well-trained IQ 12 people should do better than untrained IQ 18 people (a two dice difference should do the trick, maybe 2 levels of these):
  • Direct Intelligence (finding information through direct means: interrogation, searching, spotting hidden people, etc.)
  • Indirect Intelligence (gather information through interviewing, keeping your efforts hidden, following information threads, working crowds -- maybe requires Direct Intelligence)
  • Defensive Intelligence (hide things well, keep secrets, resist interrogation, resist subtle attempts to gain information, recognize signs of information gathering, etc.)
  • Rumor Mongering (public relations, engineering reputation changes, affecting public opinion over periods of days or weeks, also countering other rumor mongering)

Thieves Guilds would do well to have experts in Defensive Intelligence to find out who's been "asking around" and what they've been looking for. Members with access to guild secrets should at least have some training in Defensive Intelligence.

An expert Rumor Monger could start a revolt. Tyrants would need experts in Defensive Intelligence to spot rumor mongering and their own Rumor Mongers to counter it.
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