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Default Re: The guide to throat slitting (or sentry removal, for the gentlemen)

Originally Posted by corwyn View Post
Aren't you missing the -6 to each knife attack for a rapid strike?
Yep, but you can buy some of that off with the combination (TA Neck/arteries: Knife Thr, TA Neck/arteries: Knife cut) which I assumed was included in the 30ish point cost

Let see what we get.

Say he has Knife 14

TA:Neck Artery Thr maxed by +4 (cost 5pts) so that's 14-8+4 = 10


TA:Neck Artery Cut maxed to +4 (cost 5 pts) so 14-8+4 = 10

(the problem is to do a combo it's got to be different attacks which means two different TA's here)

So the 2 attack combo would be default (10-6, 10-6) or (4,4) but could be brought up to (10,10) for 9 pts.

so that's 19 pts for maxing out the two TA's and the double attack combo using the two TA's.

Once you add the telegraphic bonuses etc you get a pretty good chance

It is a specialised build that requires TA's and Combo costs, another 3-4pts for the maxing the Choke hold technique, plus the perks referenced. But yeah I think you get to 30ish points

OK now for 30 points you can buy a lot of knife and grappling skill that may mean you could get the same result* with a broader application.

*as in target grappled from behind and incapacitated really quickly, not exactly like for like attacks.

Originally Posted by corwyn View Post
Also, you can't use All Out for damage since, afaict, you are using it to do two attacks, one to grapple and one to combination stab.
You can get the bonus if you use the Grab and Smash rules (MApg118). If you were replacing the 2nd attack in the double with two attack Combo, I'd allow the damage bonus to apply to both if I thought it made sense. Which I do in this case, you're gong to be using your grapple to manipulate the neck while stabbing and sawing away at it after all.

Originally Posted by corwyn View Post
You also need a decent stealth to pull off this from surprise.

That's certainly true, and in fact is the hardest part of all of this. Surprise is the killer here, especially as your target may well be hampered by the partial or total surprise rules while you're doing all this.

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