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Default Re: GURPS Game Aids: Files

The main Downloads page is here, but the most popular are:

Fillable PDF Forms
These sheets all contain form fields that can be used to enter data, save, and print the completed PDF.

Rules Summaries/"Cheat Sheets"
These sheets are ideal for custom GM screens, or to present a lot of information at a glance.

There are only two, both created with Excel 2007.
  • Combat Spreadsheet (an attempt at leading the user through the entirety of GURPS combat via a simple "enter value, then go here" format)
  • GURPS Templates (all of the Occupational Templates, Occupational Lenses, and Racial Templates from this forum thread)

How to Be a GURPS GM, author
Game Geekery, Blog (GURPS combat examples, fillable PDF sheets, rules summaries, campaigns and one-shots, beginners' intro)
GURPS Discord, unofficial hangout and real-time chat

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