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Default Attribute levels in Rick's Campaign.

Originally Posted by Bayarea View Post

We had this discussion over on Brainiac Joe Hartley's site (thanks for keeping TFT alive Joe) and most people never got a character over 65 without some fudging. Rick Smith who is on this forum and has written more house rules that the original published rules (thanks by the way Rick) has had a campaign going for years and has stated that there just aren't a bunch of 80-90 point PC's running around. For every Conan there are a thousand corpses that didn't make it or took one chance to many.
Hi Bayarea,
Thanks for the kind words! However, the longest playing characters in my campaign got up to the high 60's attributes. I don't remember anyone getting to 70, let alone 80 or 90 attributes.

It could have happened, I guess, but after a few years, I get bored with my current campaign and reboot things with a new world. So everyone has to start over. ;-p
Warm regards, Rick.
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