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Default Re: Melichor's new weapon talents.

Originally Posted by Rick_Smith View Post
Hi Melichor,
I rather like your talents except for one thing. The biggest problem in TFT is that long term characters gain lots of attributes and all start to feel the same. (High in all three attributes.) Also everyone soon gets a really high DX and hits almost all the time.

So these talents that give you a higher DX on attacking, just makes that evil day come sooner. I would be much more interested in using such talents in my campaign, if they did NOT give the DX bonus on offence.

Warm regards, Rick.
We wanted to be able to make slightly more "realistic" characters and make it possible to to have highly skilled fighters that weren't just overall good because of high DX.

A way to limit the talents some would be to make them specific to a single weapon like a broadsword rather than the whole weapon group.

A lot of the talents we added to the game were attempting to deal with the attribute bloat by funneling increases into IQ. Everyone was a super genius but very few were overall super human heroes. Other talents provided extra FT for wizards without the need for ludicrous ST numbers.
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