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Default Shared space setting

I found myself inspired by a post on roleplaying in general and I thought it might make for a good collaborative setting.

The goal of the exercise is to build a space setting combining selected (potentially) transhuman technologies including biological and or cybernetic modification and some level of genetic engineering while avoiding or heavily deemphasizing strong AI and related tropes. Preferably while keeping the setting relatively hard (say a three on a scale of six) and compatible with some sort of tentative future history.

What I would like to do is run this in two parts first a simple vote up exercise to build up a set of shared assumptions that we can use as part of a question game.

To set the ball rolling:

1) How much space should the setting cover?
one vote

a) the sol system
b) another single system
c) 3-5 systems
d) 10+ systems
e) 50+ systems

2) Aproximately when is it set?
one vote

a) 2100's
b) 2200's
c) 2300's
d) 2400's
e) 2500's
f) other please specify

[Edit]Please note, voting on these questions has now ended.[/Edit]

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