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Default Report To The Stakeholders 2007


Thanks again for keeping us informed about the business side of things. It's always good to hear that a company that produces product you love is doing well.

While I'm not a Munchkin player, I'm glad it's doing well. Whatever it takes to support GURPS. I'm also oddly pleased to see GURPS support shifting toward e23; these days, I get a lot more use out of my electronic GURPS books than my dead-tree editions, just because of the sheer convenience of having them on my laptop where I do most of my game preparation. I don't suppose the shift in priorities will allow you to reconsider putting the Basic Set on e23?

As far as digital games go, I'm not sorry to you stop making such an effort in that area. Frankly, there are plenty of publishers who do the digital side of things adequately well. I think e23 plays to your strengths, excellent writing and game design, and doesn't require developing new expertise.

I hope 2008 is a profitable year, for you. And the year that GURPS unseats Monopoly.
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