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Default Re: Alternative Psionics

Before I go and start making alterations (even as the option Pulver gives in Pyramid), I want to make sure I'm understanding them as written. Maybe I've just been thinking too much on them...

So, please bear with me.

Basic Set had 6 psionic powers. Now with Psionic Powers, we have 10 and a multitude of Abilities.

In Basic Set, Telekinesis allows you to:
- move objects without touching them
- use objects like you have a set of hands, etc.
- Strike/Grapple
- Levitate
- Throw things

With Psionic Powers, it's actually broken out those bullets (essentially, some are grouped together) as the Ability and a corresponding skill. You can add a talent to a category and it applies to all abilities in that category? The parent Telekinesis advantage in Basic is no longer needed to be taken. If using the more detailed Psionic Powers system.

Or you can take the standard Telekinesis by choosing Telekinetic Control.

Do I have that right?
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