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Originally Posted by Unwitting Pawn View Post
This sounds amazing! Not sure that I have any constructive suggestions; I just wanted to wish you luck :)
Thanks! I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by coronatiger View Post
I would have loved to attend, had I just been a couple of decades younger...
Yeah, me too! I would much prefer attending the workshop as a participant rather than a facilitator.

Remember that different people are drawn to RPGs for different reasons. Some like storytelling and role play, others like exploring and puzzle solving, and some just want to smash their imaginary enemies into a pulp. Finding the perfect balance of different elements can be difficult, but very rewarding if you succeed. It's important that none of the kids feel ignored or left out.
Great advice here. In the world of teachers, this is called "differentiating instruction." It's also good advice for GMs in general.

Some of the kids may want to try their hand at GMing. Look for the signs (they may be too shy to propose it themselves), and have a plan for it.
This will be an explicit part of the workshop. All participants will have a turn in the GM's chair, if only for a few encounters. (I'm imagining having each group create a dungeon where each participant designs a single encounter.)

The workshop has been officially approved, though we're still figuring out locations in the building, a budget for a few supplies that we lack (mainly hex grids for the tables), and exact dates. In case anyone is interested, here's the draft blurb we're thinking of putting in the brochure about it:
Tabletop roleplaying games first gained popularity in the late 1970s with the publication of Dungeons and Dragons. Since then, millions of fans have enjoyed taking on the roles of heroes in adventure stories featuring magic and monsters. During this week-long workshop, you will learn to play one of these games, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game. You can play a chivalrous knight, flashy swashbuckler, mysterious sorceress, or devious thief (among many other options) overcoming challenges using your imagination, your characterís powers, and the luck of the dice. You will learn the rules of the game, how to create unique characters, and how to take on the role of the Game Master, creating exciting adventures for your peers. No experience is necessary.
I'm certainly open to suggestions for revisions, though I cannot make it much longer than this.
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