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Default Re: [Adventure Seeds] Acid Spider

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
... obviously on the back of an acid spitan.
Yes! Love it.

Consider adding a hellgnome to the base for acid thrower artillery and a "doomsday device" that is just a way to infuriate the spitan.
I actually drafted two versions of the original seed, one with halflings and one with hellgnomes. The gnomes had basically a fortress on top of the spider (like the fighting towers mounted on war elephants) with acid canons and whatnot. I chose the halflings because they were simpler. The combination of swarming halfling barbarians and gnome artillerists would be terrifying!

Alternately, if the PCs can't beat the halfings (probably because the hellgnome made them back off), perhaps they can interest the spitan in grooming (thus clearing all the unsightly cruft off of its back) by bringing over an attractive spitan of the opposite sex somehow.
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