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Default Monster: Muck Elemental

I'm running my first DFRPG campaign, and my PCs are travelling through an abandoned aqueduct to cut through some inconveniently placed mountains. I wanted to put an elemental sort of foe therin, but couldn't decide what made more sense: a water elemental (as water is the whole point of the place) or an earth elemental (since is mostly dried up). So, I compromised:

Muck Elemental

Description: A hybrid Earth and Water Elemetnal that resides in settling tanks of the aqueduct.

ST: 15 / HP: 15 / Speed: 6 / Dodge: 9 / DX: 10 / Will: 9 / Move: 5 / Parry: 7 / IQ: 9 / Per: 9 / SM: +1 / DR: 5 / HT: 12 / FP: 12
Class: Elemental

Muck Bomb (12): 5d crushing for knockback only, Temporarily blinds if strikes you in the face (one turn to wipe eyes). Causes mucky floor 2 hex radius. Reach C-3
Muddy Fist (12): 1d Crushing

Absolute Direction; Dark Vision; Doesn’t Breathe; Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; Ham-Fisted 2; Homogeneous; Immunity to Disease; Immunity to Poison; NoBlood; No Neck; Pressure Support; Subsonic Hearing; Slippery (3)
Skills: Brawling (12); Innate attack (Projectile) (12)

If knocked down or stunned, melt into a pool of mud. If knocked down, Reform over 5 seconds. If stunned, roll for awakening, and then begin 5 second reform. At -1xHT melt into a pool but begin to reform after 1 hour or more - whenever it is particularly inconvenient for the party.
When they step or are hit by a swung melee weapon they spash some muck on the ground, which counts as bad footing.

This guy doesn't do that much damage, but it was the first monster my PCs encountered, and will all of them running brand new characters it let them practice their combat skills and group dynamics without getting too beat up. (It would also be easy to ramp up the ST/damage, HP, or numbers to make make muck elementals overwhelming.)
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